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What is People Management Skills Training?

This training is designed by National Certified Psychologists specially to help you understand the psychological factors that are holding you back from becoming a better and the best version of a People's Manager.

This training includes skills like Active Listening, Empathy, Congruence, Unconditional Positive Regard, Non-judgmental Approach, Genuineness, Concreteness, Questioning, Self Disclosure, Interpretation, Information giving and Fighting Obstacles in order to bring in change.

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How do People Management Skills bring changes in a Manager's life?

People management skills help a person in becoming self-aware and identify the strengths and weaknesses of people in order to become more efficient.

  • Identify the Weak and Strong Areas

    The identification of your weak and strong areas help you to work in those respective fields and pushes you to work on them.

  • Mental Management Practices

    There are certain cognitive-mental practices that you should carry out for adding on to the skills in you.

  • Best Version of You

    You always try to become the best version of yourself, hence, the identification of your potential will accelerate your growth and will make you reach your goal in no time!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Counsel India?

Counsel India is the best organization to provide Simplified Emotional Wellbeing Technology to every Individual and our mission to accelarate the human mind to use its full Potential.

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First Common Question

How will this program help towards becoming an effective manager?.

This program is designed to develop and improve each and every skill that is required during people interaction.

Second Question Answer

Will this training also help the managers that are handling a team of 30-50 people?


Third Answer for you

Does this training also help MBA (HR Specialization) students?

Yes, It is very useful for them as they are in initial phase to become a great manager.

Fourth Question Asked

From where has this certification training been made valid?

This training certification is associated with APA (American Psychological Association), NSDC ( National Skill Development Corporation), SMART (Skill Management & AccReditation of Training Centres), certified by ISO and is registered under Indian Government Body- Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Fifth Question

Is this certification valid internationally as well?