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Counsel India is aiming to be the India’s biggest employer for mental health professionals and has already employed top-notch RCI recognized psychologists for its 55+ products and services. Here are the list of some psychologists for its one of the educational products. It has its own network of mental health professionals with close to 2000+ in numbers and increasing everyday. Counsel India has aim to offer stage and career these professionals deserve.

Manivannan Rj

Psychologist – Psychotherapist – Sexologist, Higher

  • Experience 8 years
  • Language Hindi,English
  • Fee Rs. 1999
  • Location Bangalore

What I bring to you.

Dedicated to serving clients in a meaningful way, listening to your concerns, and helping them learn how to approach their mental, emotional, and behavioral problems.
Excels at providing children and adolescents with individual psychotherapy to help them facilitate social, vocational, and personal adjustment to allow them to lead more meaningful and fulfilling lives. We'll together build strategies that allow you to address the root causes of your difficulties and build meaningful social connections


I'm a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and done Mphil in clinical psychology wherein I've done my training at:- • Bakson Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital (BHMCH), Greater Noida (2021)
• Government Institute of Medical Sciences (GIMS), Pediatrics, Greater Noida (2021)
• District Mental Health Program, Noida (December 2021)
• Government Institute of Medical Science (GIMS), Psychiatry, Greater Noida (2022)
• Clinical Psychology OPD, Gautam Budhha University, Greater Noida


Mphil from RCI- Clinical Psychologist


8 Years


• 6th International Conference of Indian Academy of Health Psychology, GBU, Gr. Noida, 2021 – Organising Team • Participated in II Biennial Conference on Cognitive and     Clinical  Neuropsychology, (SRM, Chennai, 2022) – Poster Presentation

• 7th International Conference of Indian Academy of Health Psychology, G20 Presidency at GBU, Gr. Noida, 2021 – Conference Coordinator

• 7th International Conference of Indian Academy of Health Psychology, G20 Presidency at GBU, Gr. Noida, 2021 – presented a paper titled “Effect of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive   Therapy on  Neurocognitive Functions among Depression Patients”

• Workshop on Hypnosis and Past Life Regression facilitated by Dr. Rakesh Jain (GKV, Haridwar), 6th ICIAHP 2022, GBU

• Workshop on Trauma Relief Exercises facilitated by Dr.Wael Mustafa Abu Hassan (Arab American University, Palestine), 7th ICIAHP 2022 GBU, (G20 Presidency)

• Attended a training program Workshop on Subconscious Mind by NLP, Ram Verma, New Delhi, 2017

• Workshop on Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), AIPS, Amity University, Noida, 2017

• Seminar on Cognitive Behavioural Approach with Couples & Family, Moolchand Medicity, 2017

• Workshop on Subconscious Mind by NLP, Ram Verma, New Delhi, 2017

• Attended a training program Workshop on Handwriting Analysis by Keshav Mahavidhyalaya, New Delhi 2018

Success Stories

Great quality!

The trainers were very supportive and helping. They helped me solve all my queries and questions. Now I am able to practice on my own and am confident that I will become a successful psychologist one day.


Great quality!

The moment I joined the course, I felt the positive vibe. The level of details that this course offered was tremendous. Overall the experience was excellent and up to the mark. Love to know more about such courses.
Megha Singh


Great quality!

I am working as a counselling psychologist. this course was helpful for me as it accelerated my growth in career as a psychologist. The trainers at Counsel India are very knowledgeable, professional and helpful. They shape the course according to the trainee.
Ankita Rai


Great quality!

I attended counsel India's CLEP., it was worth every penny. Very informative and quick workable solutions provided for budding entrepreneurs. Thank you Counsel India.
Hitesh Rawat


Great quality!

I was searching for such a program and got to know about the Counsellors Entrepreneurship Program offered by Counsel India. At first I was very hesitated and scared if the program would be useful or not. But after the program had been completed I was very much amazed by the level of deep understandings and learnings I got to learn.

Komal Saxena


Great quality!

Opted CLEP from Counsel India. Overall the program was very informative with practical exposure and learnings.


Great quality!

Counsel India is one of the finest organizations of India for the field of psychology. I specifically recommend it the the newbies of psychology field who want a promising career in psychology. Not only Counsel India helps with the mastery of psychology it also opens the door for further opportunities involving jobs. I specifically loved the study material that was provided to me after each class that is very helpful till date. In future I’d again prefer to Counsel India to accelerate my knowledge for the subject I dearly love.


Great quality!

Counselling psychology is one such course that requires more of practical knowledge. Inspite of COVID situation, the team managed well through online platform , coming from a psychology background got my basics even more stronger from this internship experience .Mentor services is truly exceptional , Thank you Sonali. Training from Himanshi Ma’am was very great. Had a wonderful experience overall, Thank you team .Along with this it would be beneficial if technical services such as assignment updates and sessions briefings are provided conveniently.
Shivani saha


Great quality!

I used to get always confused about how to start career in counselling and here counselling india taught me the best thing in it

South Africa

Great quality!

I had been having trouble choosing on a major that could fully utilize my potential. But the extremely trained career counselling expert at Counsel India, Suveen sir, helped me find a clear direction for my academic life. I returned confident about what I had to become. Would definitely recommend students, especially freshmen, to attend it at least once!!