Academic Policy

    Class Hygiene Instructions:

  • It is mandatory to dress up appropriately for the class session.
  • Missing Live Classes needs to be strictly avoided by the learners .
  • Be responsive and attentive to the questions being asked by the Trainer.
  • Please test your video, audio and class links fifteen minutes before the session begins.
  • Find a tranquil place: Choose a bright, silent place with good internet connection for the class before joining.
  • Stay in real time video presence: It is mandatory to switch on your video throughout the session along with full visibility of your face .
  • Be prepared: Timetable and Class topics are shared by the Operations team before the class. Hence, kindly be prepared with your set of questions .
  • Please refrain from asking irrelevant questions from the trainer which are not session or topic related, this will save everyone’s time and help to be focused.
  • Submission of assignments and projects is mandatory. It needs to be done timely & uploaded within the Counsel India Application. In case you are not able to submit on App timely then please drop the same at
  • To avoid being considered absent, learners are requested to attend class sessions timely using the full name that is on record with Counsel India.
  • Project and Assignment System: The purpose of the projects and assignments is not to assess any learners or assign grades. Our goal is for you to learn through doing it with the right amount of dedication, so please complete these assignments and projects for both self-study and real-world experience.
  • The Q&A round is mostly held at the conclusion of the sessions. Please be patient and write down any questions you may have on paper that you feel needs to be addressed once the class topic is finished.
  • Note: For queries related to attendance / class links / application doubts/ complaints / certificate / requests / guidance regarding course program / welcome kits etc. Kindly reach out to Counsel India’s customer support team during the office hours.

  • The Response and resolution to all the queries will be completed within the next working days of 24 to a maximum of 72 hours (about 3 days).
  • Counsel India Working Hours - 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Customer Support Team Week off - Thursday

    Counsel India’s Disciplinary Measures:

  • Defaming the Counsel India brand and making false accusations will not be permitted .
  • Counsel India Confidential Information’s and Class Content being shared or compromised publicly will not be acceptable.
  • Questions being asked should be strictly related to topics being taught in class and nothing apart from that shall be considered by the trainer during the session .
  • Disclosure of Personal Information to trainer or other learners who have joined for the session (Personal what’s app number / Social Media Account Details and email id) is not allowed .
  • Be Respectful: Misbehavior and use of offensive terms /slangs will not be acceptable during live class sessions with any other colleagues or Trainer who has joined for the session. Be constructive: If your classes or professional training sessions include pair or group work and peer reviews, it is inevitable that at some point personalities will collide, especially if you are asking colleagues to comment on each other’s assignments or points of views. Please make sure everyone understands the importance of keeping all feedback constructive – critique, do not criticize.
  • Be Mindful :While it is easier to say hurtful or disrespectful things without standing face-to-face with someone, it is important to remember that your classmates and trainers are real people who are affected by the words you say and write. It is essential to keep in mind the feelings and opinions of others need to be respected, even if they differ from your own. If you would not say it to someone’s face, do not say it online either. If anything is affecting you, then please address the issues to the customer support team .
  • Avoidance of friction with Trainer and other learners during Class Sessions. Stick to class objectives, and where possible provide specific reasoning for any negative feedback with examples and alternatives to be provided in feedback forms which are provided at the end of the every class or else write us at

    Job and Placement Criteria after course completion from Counsel India:

  • Attendance and overall behavior of the learner will be monitored throughout the course.
  • All projects and assignments submitted by the learners will be reviewed by the team of CI psychologists.
  • Score on the final exam for the course will be considered; subject knowledge qualification requires a minimum of 80%.
  • During all the session, your behavior and how you used the learning online system will be closely reported to the placement department.
  • Apart from psychological skills, effective communication abilities will be considered as one of the main aspects of selection for the Interview round.
  • Score on the final exam for the course will be considered; subject knowledge qualification requires a minimum of 80%.
  • Emotional intelligence, Empathetic skills, Intrapersonal communication, critical thinking, emotional control, and Intrapersonal Communication skills will be observed throughout the course of the learner.
  • Screening Round: During a screening interview, learner can expect the interviewer to ask questions about their qualifications, experience, and goals in life. The interviewer will also use this time to gauge their interest in the job position and get a sense of your fit for the specific role applied.
  • Building a strong profile, networking and resume for potential future job placements through social media platforms needs to be considered by the learner.
  • Every learner would be approached for job assistance and hence; it is critical to be active through Counsel India Application –Announcement section and to be responsive to the calls from Counsel India Job placement department.

Please Remember: All your positive and negative actions are being watched by Counsel India (CI) Management from the backend. In the event of non-compliance, our management, may need to take appropriate actions against the learner (suspending or terminating them from the course) who fails to follow Instructions. We believe that with your right commitment to psychology education, such situations can be avoided, and the focus will remain on learning experiences. We are confident that together, as a CI Family, we can achieve our educational goals for which we are here on the same platform.
We thank you for your cooperation and dedication to our shared mission.