Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can register. We have designed the course in such a way that, we will be working with you in all dimensions of psychology training. We will be covering topics that are required on daily basis like stress, depression, relationship, career etc, we will be covering counseling, clinical, basic therapies understanding in our course along with helping you with marketing support.

You can use this certificate to find jobs, to get a promotion in a job, to study abroad, have your own venture, can have your own setup, the certificate can be used to show your credibility.

Connect with our Business Development Manager to know about the Payment Process.

We will be updating you about jobs in India on weekly basis, you will get a chance to be our Mental Health Ambassador and can learn all soft skills, CV Making techniques, and many more tricks to get Jobs. You will also have the opportunity to work with Counsel India as a Trainer on our website if you can clear the eligibility criteria and quality the standards.

Sure, we can help you with the recording once we will receive email @ wecare@counselindia.in informing us for the same along with that first to attach the medical proof.

Unfortunately we won’t be able to provide you the study material in the document format as per company’s policy to ensure privacy.
Clause 1: If you want you can access the study material in PDF format please access it through our app.
Clause 2: In other scenario the requirement of the study material will be with bold text, we can help you with google drive link to access the study material. · Batch> Announcement> Drive link.

Apologies this is not possible as per the policy as mental health is a very serious industry and we focus on quality counsellor. Hence, we don’t support in any kind of unethical fraud practices.

This is a class where the teacher is using basic English and in Psychology, we have to use the English language by force because Psychology is a subject where Hindi literature and content is not much available. So, to understand it properly please watch a recording of the class for a better understanding of the session. We completely support the Hindi language and we are not biased towards foreign languages and we also respect Hindi as our mother language but there are certain limitations that we have to understand. I promise you that we tried very hard to find Hindi content for you but Therapies are still not found in Devnagri Lipi and so we failed to produce content in Hindi.