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Charting Progress: Counsel India Unlocks Another Milestone!

If statistics are to be believed, Psychology as an academic discipline is steadily evolving as a growing and dynamic field of study. As a leading Ed Tech Company in this avenue, Counsel India understands and acknowledges the gradually increasing demand for psychologists, counselors, and therapists. Widely acclaimed as India’s first Practical Psychology Learning Platform, we provide a shared platform for aspiring counselors and psychologists to connect, grow and learn together. Owing to our finest contributions in this regard, and a rich academic legacy, we have received acclamations and accreditations from India’s recognized awarding bodies like Management & Entrepreneurship and Professional Skills Council (MEPSC) which is a horizontal body of Sector Skill Council driven by seasoned industry experts like Mr. Ramakrishnan Mukundan, Tata Chemicals, and many top ranking universities. 

Addressing the pain points of Indian students, we aim to simplify the learning process and offer specialized courses coupled with hands-on practical experience and training, access to wide-ranging academic resources like up-to-date textbooks, and e-learning resources, effective career guidance and internship opportunities. 

Our happy clients have shared their positive testimonials expressing how our specialized courses have helped build their global careers, and 95% of our progressive learners are today working as entrepreneurs and professionals. 

Owing to our growing success and advancement in this regard therefore, Counsel India takes immense pride in announcing that we have been certified as Accredited Training Providers for the International Association of Therapists for our commitment to upholding professional training standards required for membership of our organization, lending us professional recognition worldwide. We are truly grateful to have been granted status as Accredited Training Providers of the International Association of Therapists. This assures our wide-ranging quality training programs and credible courses with certifications, which count as the prime points of focus while choosing a training provider. 

Team Counsel India extends its gratitude towards its team members as another feather has been added to our cap, and this achievement marks another step forward to our broader mission of #HarGharCounsellor! 

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