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Avatar Author 10 Apr 2023

Highest paying jobs in psychology: A booming field awaits!

Highest paying jobs in psychology: A booming field awaits!

The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.


Undoubtedly, success in your life is determined by the hard work and efforts put in by you to achieve it. There is just no other way around it! Like every other thriving field today, psychology has taken a tremendous leap toward becoming one of the leading career paths leading to success. As opposed to the notional sense of the subject that existed before, today we are able to look at psychology with widened eyes and a changed mindset. 


We have all at least once thought about why we feel certain things or how to get over an emotionally crippling feeling. Psychology is that subject that deals with explaining the ‘every days’ and the ups and downs of our life. The fondness of the subject is also due to its investigative and scientific tendencies that attempt to solve the mysteries of the human mind. 


Naturally with its progress, the opportunities in psychology have also upswinging. If psychology is your calling or you are a psychology student looking to earn big bucks, then keep reading to unlock the ultimate list of highest paying careers in psychology! 


Highest paying jobs in psychology: Complete list with requirements


This compelling field has a lot to offer and we are here to look at some of the highest paying jobs in psychology and how much they pay. The figures given below are based on professional reports and secondary research, therefore, an approximate and the actual figures may vary.


1. Psychiatrist


A psychiatrist is a medical physician who specialises in the diagnosis, treatment, study and prevention of mental, emotional and addictive disorders. With the medical and psychological background they possess, psychiatrists can diagnose patients, prescribe medicines and conduct suitable treatments for serious mental illness such as depression, anxiety and substance abuse. 


You go to a psychiatrist after going through other structures of support until the situation can only be handled by a medical professional, someone who can prescribe medicines that other types of psychologists cannot do. They can assess both mental and psychical aspects of psychological problems. It is one of the highest-paying jobs in psychology. 


Educational Requirements: 10+2, MMBS and preferably MD (Psychiatry) or Diploma (Psychiatry medicine)


Average salary per annum: 9-15 lakh subject to experience.