WANTING to Help Can Make Your Day

but LEARNING to Help Can Make One’s Life


Offering Advice is Not COUNSELING!

Advising is getting away from it’s Responsibility,Counseling is taking on the Responsibility
Will is just a Qualification of Counseling,SKILL is what makes you a Counselor
Some people live for Experience, Some people live in Experience
Some live AFTER experience,We call them COUNSELORS
Truth may be Bitter, But NOT when a Counselor Speaks

Don't you wanna know what's in there?

Counseling Skills Program

Why this program?

Counseling is a profession where you can use every part of life you ever lived. It’s the only profession where you make a direct impact in people’s life and witness the change right before your eyes.

Who is it for?

Who is it for?
Aspiring Counselors
Practicing Counselors
Psychology Enthusiasts
Independent Therapists
Corporate Trainer
HR Professionals
Spiritual Masters
Social Worker

What do i learn?

Version 1- Depression| Relationship| Anger| Addiction| Focus & Memory
Version 2- Career| Stress & Anxiety| Grief| Parenting| Workplace
Version 3 – Family | Fear & Phobia| Behavioral | Guilt & Regret| Life Rebuilding

Course benefits

Get Identity Card
Practical Classes
Get Learning certificate
Get contribution Certificate
Get live Session Recording
Total 6 Weeks Program

Ready to be the change?

Psychologists | Therapists | Trainers
Ph.D & M.Phil - RCI Licenced

Nupur Gupta
Clinical Psychologist
M.phil – RCI No. A65273

Awarded for excellent services. Experienced in Mental Retardation Clinic ,Marital and Psychosocial Clinic Neuro Behavioural Clinic , Drug Abuse Treatment , Behaviour Therapy Unit , Clinical intervention of various psychiatric disorders.

Siddhartha Sanyal
Clinical Psychologist
P.G.D.R.P – RCI No. A31540

Worked with Government Medical Colleges and Hospitals, Skilled in Pain Management and Palliative Care, Terminal Care System of Cancer and HIV. National Faculty of CRE courses affiliated by RCI. also worked National Service Scheme, Trainer of B.Ed Course, Worked with
Gender Identity Issues.

Himanshi Singh
Clinical Psychologist
M.phil – RCI No. A67831

Gold medalist, M.Phil. UGC NET qualified Experienced in diagnosing and evaluating mental and emotional disorders of individuals through appropriate assessment, observation, interview, and psychological tests, and formulating and administering programs of treatment.

Aanchal Harjai
Clinical Psychologist
M.phil – RCI No. A61656

Worked with Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, psychiatric department. Skilled in assessments, diagnosis, psychotherapeutic treatment plans, psychoeducation, child development, rehabilitation, training and cognition over range of mental health services.

Priyanka Bhattacharjee
Clinical Psychologist
M.phil – RCI No. A66923

Gold Medalist, M.Phil and RCI recognized, Clinical Psychologist. Worked with many hospitals and Skilled in Paediatric counselling, Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Pathophysiology, and Inclusive Education.

Chandramallika Adhikary
Clinical Psychologist
M.phil – RCI No. A31544

Specialized in clinical psychology, experienced in career counselling, child counselling, children with chronic illnesses counselling, rehabilitation counselling, school counselling. Experienced in career counselling training as well as
I.A.S and W.B.C.S psychology training.
Associated with TECHNO INDIA GROUP

Vikasni Kannan

BA (Hons) Psychology MA Psychology,
MPhil Clinical psychology
UGC NET Qualified

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Counsel India Other Products

Explore other products and services offered by counsel India

Let’s understand the mind of technology with real psychology by Learning everyday and everywhere use of modern psychology.

100s of people have chosen the course to learn the in depth understanding of most sought after topics in Modern Counseling Practice.

Push your psychological skills to the next level and learn the fundamentals of a Mentalist by observing and manipulating behavior. Join the mentalist program

 You don’t have to wait for another life if you can learn to REBUILD this one. Life rebuilding is not what you have to think but if you can’t stop thinking about it then may be you should just rebuild.

Bring your college days back and and find like minded intellectuals as your classmates. Listen to the most relevant and practical lectures on everyday life event.

Learn dozens of most demanding topics in psychology by certified psychologists themself & learn their practical use that you don’t get in from the professors.

Company Attractions

Ideology of Psychology & Technology makes it all perfect

LMS | Live | Interactive Sessions

Counsel India Learning Studio is the most diverse and creative learning platform in India in the filed of psychology and mental health. It has the courses and programs that people simply fall in love with But it’s not just the courses and certification that makes it overwhelming – it is its topics, content, veteran counselors, and RCI and internationally recognized psychologist makes it first choice for anyone interested in the field of psychology, mental health and human behavior.

Shrink United | GCA | NCA | Influencers

Counsel India has its own Networking Sites and App for mental health professional and psychology enthusiast whether they want help or want to help. Apart of it’s own social networking platform it offers many other networking opportunities for professionals to make a living while make others life. To name a few – Global Counseling Ambassador, National Counseling Ambassador, Shrink United, Psychology Influencer and Counseling Practitioner

TV & News
Talks Shows | Interviews | Experiments

Counsel India TV and News is jam packed with interesting and creative programs and shows that turn around the way we have learned psychology so far. To name a few programs we do are as follow. Psychology Talk Show, Social Justice Debate, Psycho Bite, Humane – A Research Talk, Tell Your Story, Night Talk Show, Expert Interview, A dialogue with author, Experimento and News Studio.

Book My Counselor
One 2 One | Group | Online | Home

Counseling & Wellness is one of the core founding reason of Counsel India. It offers a variety of counseling opportunity and ensure easy access to people all over the world. Counsel India uses the wonders of technology to serve people across the globe. Some of creative counseling services offer by Counsel India is – Online Counseling, e-Insurance, My Therapist, Home Counseling, Group Counseling
and Personal Counselor

Radio & Music
Night Talk Show | Music Band 

Music and Radio is the heart of Counsel India and its fan. Its Band ” REVIVAL” has its own identity and uniqueness. Revival Music Band – Revival Music Band has a job to change and heal people emotional by its own lyrics and music and Talk Radio – Talk Radio is one of the most helpful and known program that gives insights, prospective and hope to millions of people listening to its program.

Research & Innovation
Psychological | Clinical | Technological | Social

Humane is a RESEARCH AND INNOVATION division of Counsel India that gives the world insights of issues and solution of the problems. The team is joined by aspiring
and inspiring researchers, authors, lab technicians,
observer, founder, social reformer and other
private and government institutions and offices.

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