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Become a successful Counsellor in India: #Top 3 Insider tips!

Statistically speaking, India has a youth population of 400 million. Out of this total, only 5000 are professionally trained Counsellors. This is a significant gap in the industry that needs to be bridged. Considering the spurt in student population every year, the country is growing as a hotspot for aspiring career Counsellors. Clearly, it is amongst the most rewarding careers of all times. With the right set of efforts, knowledge, and persuasiveness, you too could become a successful career Counsellor and earn up to 6 lakhs INR, with an average annual salary of 2.7 lakhs. 

The key challenge to becoming a professional and certified career Counsellor is to align your career interest with perfectly used psychometric tests. 

Know about the top 3 steps to become a successful career Counsellor in India, and make use of proven tactics to become the masters of the field. 

So if you are looking for effective ways to kickstart your Counselling career, this guide is your ideal fit! 

Who is a Counsellor? 

A Counsellor is an expert who helps people with problems by providing professional advice on personal matters, emotional difficulties, career complications, and relationship problems. The boon of a successful Counsellor is the remarkable ability to empathize with a deeper understanding of human emotions.Counselling or talking therapy encompasses several aspects related to mental health and emotional wellbeing 

How can you become a Counsellor? 

Anyone can become a Counsellor as long as they share a passion for helping people and motivating them to find constructive solutions that would bring positive change in their lives. Any Counsellor has the following set of responsibilities: 

1. Ability to understand the perspectives and problems of their client.

2. Helping clients define their goals and plan of action.

3. Developing pathways to achieve those goals.

4. Act as a facilitator to help accomplish those goals.

5. Focus on the holistic development of the individual.

Top skills required to ace your Counselling game:

1. Building a comfortable relationship with your client

When a prospective client reaches out to you for the purpose of personal Counselling, you must ensure that you build a warm relationship with him/her, so as to offer them a safe space. This ensures the building of mutual trust and confidence, so as to ensure that your client avoids hesitation while discussing his/her problems. 

2. Careful analysis through personality tests

The assessment forms the most important part of any Counselling session. It is in this stage that the Counsellor absorbs all details regarding the problems, conducts personality tests, and comprehends their root cause. Every minute detail is taken into consideration, including the specific reactions to each question asked. It is after careful assessment and evaluation of all problems that the goal of the entire session is decided and settled. 

3. Selection of goals

It is after careful evaluation of all the problems and issues, that the Counsellor finally decides to fix the goal of the session. This goal could be aimed either towards overcoming the hindrance or working on reconciliation. 

4. Plan of action

The plan of action is formulated to see effective results. An example could be in terms of a client who has a fear of speaking in public. In such a case, the Counsellor may ask him/her to practice speaking in front of a mirror. The client’s improvement is assessed throughout the duration of the plan of action and when they reach normalcy, the final stage is said to be reached. However, in certain cases, the plan of action may be changed depending on whether the client shows improvement or not. 

5. Overcoming the main problem

As has been already mentioned, if the execution of the set plan of action reaps benefits for the client in terms of marked improvement in his/her behavioral patterns, then the goal of overcoming the problem is finally accomplished. This is when the Counsellor becomes successful in their task. 

Resources available for upskilling: 

There are several resources available for aspiring Counsellors which will help them level up their skills and aid in better knowledge enhancement and skill refinement. In a general sense, there are several platforms that guide you to become a professional. 

Given below is a brief list of all the useful resources that you may and should take advantage of, if you want to become an expert in the field: 

1. Participate in formal courses and workshops

2. Attend industry webinars and conferences

3. Reach out to the right mentors who can provide right guidance

4. Follow all industry-trends by reading blogs, articles, and publications

5. Set yourself manageable milestones

Top career options as a Counsellor in India: 


1. Career Counsellor

2. Corporate Counsellor

3. Credit Counsellor

4. Genetic Counsellor

5. Loan Counsellor

6. Mental Health Counsellor

7. Prison Counsellor

8. Rehabilitation Counsellor

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