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Counsel India Services Pvt. Ltd.

Welcome to Counsel India. We are India’s fastest growing network of Counsellors and Psychologists and we aim to simplify counselling along with bringing counselling in every house hold all around the world. Counsel India’s vision is to provide technology for Simplified Emotional Wellbeing and we hold the vision of helping one and all in order to accelerate their mind’s full potential. The objective of Counsel India revolves around Psychological Counselling, Practical and Simplified Psychology courses and establishing the biggest network of professional Counsellors and Psychologists. 

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Counsel India is aiming to be the India’s biggest employer for mental health professionals and has already employed top-notch RCI recognized psychologists for its 55+ products and services. Here are the list of some psychologists for its one of the educational products. It has its own network of mental health professionals with close to 2000+ in numbers and increasing everyday. Counsel India has aim to offer stage and career these professionals deserve. 

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What Participants Say About Us

Priya Aher

I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Mr. Bobby Thakur. He is the most considerate and patient person I could imagine. His passionate opposition against black and white thinking and labeling was a huge eye opener for me. It made for a most welcoming atmosphere in his sessions and gradually led to an inner reconciliation with my anxiety and sleep issues. His many practical suggestions extremely helpful and played an important role in my day to day anxiety management.

Dr.Sukesh Krishna Chaitanya

My experience of session with Mrs. Himanshi Singh has been incredibly rewarding. Himanshi Singh treats me with respect, care, and insight; she creates a non-judgmental environment, and helps make sense of what can seem like chaos. Her approach feels amazing to my needs and sensibilities, and allows for emotional, spiritual, and psychological growth and health. Leaving each session, I feel as though productive and important work has been done, and look forward to our subsequent meetings.

Nandini Lahoty

After my first session with Mrs. Priyanka Bhattacharjee I was very happy that I chose her. She was very easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable. I trusted her with everything I said and never felt pressured while with her. She taught me the most valuable piece of information – that I am in control of my life, everything is my decision and my choice. I left every session amazed with the results.

Faiz Kazi

I’ve seen half a dozen of counseling organizations over the years and few of them I have takes services too. Counsel India method is conversational and delicate — they work by asking the right questions at the right time, and by demystifying mental illness. They are there to supplement your internal dialogue, and to guide everyone along the path to live freely. As long as I am in Delhi, if I need a Counselor again, I know where to approach.

Nidhi Priya

My experience of the appointment with Mrs. Aanchal Harjai was characterized by a relaxing and conversational atmosphere in which the salient points of my condition and their potential treatment were discussed and plans for the future considered. I feel very positive now that with the support of a Counsel India I will be able to address certain mental health issues and refocus on my future. Thanks!


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