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Counseling Buildup Program

Mental well-being is as important as bodily wellness and as undeniable as breathing! If you are a passionate individual who wants to know about counseling to help people around you and be a better communicator, this is the right course program for you.
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6 weeks

6 Core Modules

Depression, Relationship, Career, Music Therapy, Anxiety Disorder, Self Marketing and Branding Session

Course Overview

Music Therapy
Anxiety Disorder
Self-Marketing & Branding Session

About this Course

It is not possible to know everything about counseling in 6 months,
but we are ready to take up this challenge to cover all foundational and useful aspects of counseling.

This is a crisp study that aims to inculcate the required skills and refinement you need to be a better
counselor or just be able to help people in distress.  

MEPSC - Skill India Advantage

Management & Entrepreneurship and Professionals Skills Counsel (MEPSC) is a horizontal Sector Skill Council (SSC) incorporated as a Section-8 (Not for Profit Company) under the Companies Act, 2013, in a one of its kind, Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model, under the tutelage of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE). All India Management Association (AIMA) is the sole promoter of MEPSC. MEPSC is a recognised Awarding Body by the Skills Regulator – National Council for Vocational Education and Training (NCVET) and is supported by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC).

MEPSC is targeting to train and certify nearly about 4.75 lakhs trainees by developing and framing 50 Qualifications Packs (QPs)/National Occupational Standards (NOS) including training of more than 550 Trainers over next 10 years.

A huge percentage of Indian graduates are unemployable due to a lack of skills both technical and generic expected by employers. As an emerging Sector Skills Council, MEPSC is committed to creating a technically and professionally competent workforce and industry professionals for both national and international markets.

This exclusive course from Counsel India inculcates and nurtures the prerequisite skills for assuring appropriate skills and employment to the youths for meeting their aspirations. With progression in technology and flinching jobs, entrepreneurship is the trend ahead which must be optimally utilized to attain the declared mission of Skilled India. This program equips all those essential skills and requirements to enable your entrepreneurial spirits. 

Learning Objectives

  • Counselling and Therapy Skills
  • Testing and assessment skills
  • Practice and exposure to learn various procedures and psychology skills by doing fieldwork, role plays, case studies and projects.
  • Upskill and get ready to practice or work as a primary counsellor
  • Entrepreneurship skills to get ready to start your own psychology start-up or practice
  • Course completion certificate
  • Counsel India is authorized/recognized by well-known government bodies like MCA, WFMH, ISO, SMART, Member of Startup India. Your certificates will mention these recognitions validating the authenticity of your credentials

Course Curriculum

6 Lessons 8h

Core Topics


Live Sessions


Mode of Learning

  • Treatment of Depression
  • Psychodynamic therapy
  • Interpersonal therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Counseling and therapy can help person defeat therapy
  • Meaning and Definition
  • General sign and symptoms
  • Diagnostic criteria according to ICD 10
  • Main causes of depression
  • What is Career Counseling 
  • Career Counseling Process
  • Trait-and-Factor 
  • Psychodynamic Theory
  • Developmental Theory
  • Behavioral Theory
  • Objectives of Career Counseling


  • What is a relationship?
  • Types of relationships in our life
  • Importance of relationships
  • Romantic relationships/ partners
  • Family units
  • Friendships
  • Workplace relations
  • Elements of a Good and Positive Relationship
  • Relationship Management
  • Mindfulness - its importance
  • Mindfulness-Based Relationship Enhancement
  • Components of MBRE
  • MBRE techniques
  • Mindfulness in other relationships
  • Components of MBRE
  • MBRE techniques
  • Mindfulness in other relationships
  • What is Music Therapy?
  • Areas where Music Therapy is used
  • Process of Music Therapy,
  • Biological effects of music
  • Psychological effects of music
  • Music Therapy as Mind-Body Medicine


  •  What is anxiety
  •  Tension Hypertension / BP
  •  Basic differences btw fear and panic and anxiety
  •  Classification of Anxiety Disorder
  •  Panic Attacks
  •  Agro phobia
  •  Generalized anxiety disorder

How will this program benefit you?

Whether you are a student or a professional, a Diploma in Psychology is something that will accentuate your skills and your resume, as a counsellor. Our program is designed in a simplified manner where you learn practical aspects of your field from RCI-licensed psychologists who are actively working in the field.

Participants have access to special practice with psychologists while learning. The most attractive and unique feature of this program is the entrepreneurial support session that gives our participants the flair for personal branding and self-marketing. This completely LIVE Diploma program will be a great stepping stone to starting your own company or contributing to one with your nuanced skill set.

Our in-house placement team will give the participants the support they need to acquire clients and build their independent professional base. You may also get the golden opportunity to work with us on the virtual office of our website. This unique practical-based course is the only one of its kind Diploma in the entire world.

Who all can join?

Course Faculty

Prachi Mittal

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

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Success Stories

I started helping my own kids, I understand them in better way.
Riya Raizada


Counsel india has changed my entire level of thinking and living as thank you sooo much for being all time supportive team
Sachin Soni


I am a mental health practitioner working as counselling psychologist this course was helpful to develop my knowledge in such a good direction and by this I am doing very well in my professional practice. The trainers at Counsel India are very knowledgeable, professional and helpful. They shape the course according to the trainee.
Shelly John

South Africa

When I join counsel india I was unknown to the most of things of psychology and segment wise I understand and step by step also to this situation and most of the time RCI illusion create by the surrounding people but counsel india solve my problem ,No need for this only knowledge and experience basis you can start this.


Child Psychology sessions helped me comprehend the world of psyche in more depth to a particular topic. Children are like a melted wax and that stage of life can be moulded appropriately if treated properly. Thank you Counsel India for sharing your insights.
Shivanjali Sharma


I have done the child psychology course under council india. Very good and well efficient organization. Short time course but very helpful. I will try to join another course in future
Anyasa saha


It was super session to me & I learned many things regarding child psychology like developmental milestones, learning disability and preventions and more about it... Thanks to counsel India for conducting these type of work shops to acquire more knowledge ....once again Thanks ?


Since January 28 I have been joining the Child Psychology class. During this time I have received great guidance on various types of testing counselling and valuable guidance from Anjali Madam Shivangi Madam and Shrestha Madam. Thank you Council India
Jyoti Patil


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Frequently Asked Questions

a) You will love each and every class as all sessions are practically conducted and participation in psychology activities is very easy and effective.

b) You will get practical exposure on how to deal with real life clients and not just covering the theory part.

c) Online training sessions will also help you to understand how to take online sessions as a counsellor across the globe and not just limiting your client base in your area which is a big challenge for offline mode of training.

  • BA/MA I/O Psychology Students,
  • Practicing psychologists,
  • Counsellors,
  • NLP Trainers,
  • Managers,
  • Leaders,
  • Entrepreneurs,
  • Research Scholars
  • Psychology Masters Students of I/O
  • Counselling Students
  • Management Professionals
  • Teachers/Principals
  • BA/MA I/O Psychology Students,
  • Practicing psychologists,
  • NLP Trainers,
  • HR Professionals,
  • Managers,
  • Executives,
  • Leaders,
  • Entrepreneurs,
  • Research Scholars
  • Psychology Masters Students of I/O
  • Counselling Students
  • Management Professionals
  • Teachers/Principals

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