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Counseling Master Course - Intermediate

The Counseling Master Course is a thorough course on various kinds of counseling that a professional counsellor employs in order to cater to the needs of the counselee. Counseling is a noble profession as you get to directly help people who are suffering from any mental disturbance, say depression, anxiety, addiction, etc.

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Counselling Master Course, Grade Sheets, Project Certificates, and Letter of Recommendation


6 Months

6 Core Modules

Understanding Counselling, Counselling for Self Improvement and Wellbeing, Life Rebuilding Counselling, Family and Relationship Counselling, Academic and Career Counselling

Batch start Date

Sep 16, 2023

Course Overview

20 sessions with a comprehensive course roadmap and milestones.
Key therapy skills and learning objectives defined.
The program curriculum is designed in a comprehensive manner focusing on counselling skills, testings, case discussions, marketing skills and other skills that every successful child psychologist aspires to possess.
All sessions to be conducted live online by RCI certified trainers and industry experts.
Personalised Mentorship
Job Support
Western Style of Psychology Learning
Support to start your own practice or business setup
5 Core Modules + Practical Assignments and Case Studies for each module.

About this Course

Become a skilled counsellor with a stronghold over understanding human psychology with the Counselling Master Course.

This certification program will extensively explore over 15 kinds of counselling approaches out of which can choose any 5 which are focusing on treatment therapies, diagnosis, and effective recovery. Be it counselling for Depression, Anger, Addiction, Focus & Memory, Stress & Anxiety, Phobia & Fear, or even Life-building, you shall gain a unique grip on the techniques and their implementation.

CMC Intermediate will allow the participants to get upskilled as a counsellor or motivate any person passionate about therapy and psychology.

Learning Objectives

  • Get a thorough understanding of Counselling skills
  • Exposure to more career opportunities
  • Upskill as a counsellor
  • Evoke the counsellor in you
  • CMC is the perfect dose of counselling knowledge you require to qualify as a primary counsellor.
  • Become a skilled counsellor with a stronghold over understanding human psychology!

After the successful training and assessment, the Management & Entrepreneurship and Professionals Skills Council (MEPSC) will issue a skill certificate, add your database in the central skills qualification database which can be accessed online for verification and due-diligence by employers. This skills certification will be valid across all G20 nations

  • Counselling Master Course- Intermediate
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • These certificates will get you recognised as a certified counsellor and start your career as a primary counsellor anywhere in the world.
  • Grade Sheets
  • Project Certificates
  • Counsel India is authorized/recognised by well-known government bodies like MCA, WFMH, ISO, SMART, Member of Startup India. Your certificates will have mention of these recognitions validating the authenticity of your credentials.
  • You will be provided the hard copies of the certificates which will be delivered to your address or awarded in Convocation Ceremony.

Course Curriculum

20 Lessons 38 hours



Core Modules


Core Sessions


Live Sessions


Practice Sessions


Procedure Sessions


Marketing Sessions


Counselling Skills

  • Introduction to Counselling: What is Counselling, Purpose, Areas of Counselling and Types of Counselling.
  • Techniques and Approaches in Counselling, Benefits of Counselling, Encouragement to Seek Support.
  • Mental Health Issues: Introduction to basic disorder like Depression, Anxiety, Trauma and Stress.
  • Practical Class - Anxiety : Case Study / Discussion / Research Article Discussion / Session Structure
  • Personal Development: Goal setting, Self-Discovery, Life Transitions, Personal Growth, and Self-Empowerment.
  • Anger Management: Understanding and Managing Anger, Developing Healthy Coping Strategies, and Improving Communication.
  • Health and Wellness: Stress Management, Coping with Chronic Illness, Lifestyle Changes, and Overall Well-being.
  • Practical Class - Anger Management: Case Study / Discussion / Research Article Discussion / Session Structure
  • Life Rebuilding: Breaking the myths for fighting the odds, Rebuilding life Techniques.
  • Resilience: Five Step Program for Creating your Life Resilience, Developing a Resilient Mindset, SMART goals.
  • Self care: Be flexible in your Thinking, Shift your Thinking, Reframe your Thoughts as Realistic ones
  • Practical Class - Life Rebuilding: Case Study / Discussion / Research Article Discussion / Session Structure
  • Relationship Issues: Marital problems, Communication Difficulties, Conflict Resolution, Infidelity, Divorce, and Family Dynamics.
  • Practical Class - Marital Counseling: Case Study / Discussion / Research Article Discussion / Session Structure
  • Parenting and Family Issues: Parent-child Relationships, Parenting Skills, Blended Families, Co-parenting, and Child Behavioral Issues.
  • Practical Class - Parental Counseling: Case Study / Discussion / Research Article Discussion / Session Structure
  • Academic Issues: Study skills, Test Anxiety, Time Management, Motivation, Decision-Making, and Academic Performance.
  • Practical Class - Time Management: Case Study / Discussion / Research Article Discussion / Session StructureCareer Counselling
  • Career exploration, Job Satisfaction, Work-Life Balance, Career Transitions, and Professional Development.
  • Practical Class - Career Counseling: Case Study / Discussion / Research Article Discussion / Session Structure
  • Marketing Tools and techniques
  • Content Strategy and placement of Graphics
  • Linkedin Profiling
  • No cost Marketing

How will this program benefit you?

CMC is the perfect dose of counselling knowledge you require to qualify as a primary counsellor. With LIVE practice sessions and flexible timings for online learning, this is the program tailor-made for your passion for learning counselling.

The participants who complete our program will get an opportunity to have a profile on the social network of psychologists. This means, by the time you finish your certification, job opportunities and networking are already waiting for you. Our practical learning is unique because the mentors are RCI Certified, field psychologists who bring actual practical knowledge to the table.

Special features of this program include Counselling Procedure Class, case study discussions, Lifetime access to a psychology E-library (5000+ books), and volunteer participation in mental health awareness campaigns. Needless to say, this program also offers self-branding and marketing sessions and participants shall get job vacancy information every 30 days. A smart way to become an expert in counselling is right here, at Counsel India.

Who all can join?

Course Faculty

Manivannan Rj

Psychologist – Psychotherapist – Sexologist, Higher

Ayushi Madaan

Clinical Psychologist

Himanshi Singh

Clinical Psychologist

Aanchal Harjai

Clinical Psychologist

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Success Stories

Counselling Master Course is a very beautiful course. It covers one class on one topic which is very practical and important. But the best part is they are keeping practical classes, procedure classes and teaching marketing and branding also at the same time. Which is giving overall learning to us. Because we all have knowledge but don't know how to increase our clients and Counsel India taught me that. Thank you Guys
Neha Yadav


Counselling Master Course is an amazing tool provided by Counsel India. It really helped me to get success in life. Thank you for your support.
Manpreet Malik


I have experienced Counselling Master Course which is a great learning experience to get success in life. Thank you for providing such a valuable course to the masses.
Sandeep Maslekar


Counselling Master Course is such an amazing initiative! They train you deal with very practical and field problems. One should definitely join! Keep it up guys.
Divya Verma


Counselling Master Course is really a great Course. Efforts made by experts is really appreciable. I suggest everyone to take this course and learning Counselling Framework to be successful in life.
Anjali Kashyap


Have done Counselling Master Course from here, Initially I was thinking that it would be like the similar online classes but I was wrong. Got more practical in-depth learning in sessions, and the procedure session added a better clarity to implement my learning.
Sahil Singh


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Frequently Asked Questions

a) You will love each and every class as all sessions are practically conducted and participation in psychology activities is very easy and effective.

b) You will get practical exposure on how to deal with real life clients and not just covering the theory part.

c) Online training sessions will also help you to understand how to take online sessions as a counsellor across the globe and not just limiting your client base in your area which is a big challenge for offline mode of training.

a) Thousands of people get to know about you with the help of marketing session.

b) You reach to needy people by learning Marketing tactics.

c) You can never get clients till the time you master the skills of marketing and self branding

a) You can read notes over soft copy at your comfort which is accessible on your phone, laptop or desktop.

b) You will also receive Hard copies of the study material at your doorstep after the completion of course for lifetime reference and support.

a) You take one class every week and start applying it for the rest of your week days.

b) Get release from the burden of getting disturb in your working schedule

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