MBA in Business Psychology

Our program seamlessly integrates business management principles with psychological theories, ensuring a holistic education that prepares you for the dynamic corporate world. This distinctive program merges the realms of business management and psychology, offering a unique blend that goes beyond traditional business education. Position yourself for career advancement with a unique skill set that combines business acumen and psychological expertise, making you a valuable asset in any corporate setting.
5 /5

24 Months


Graduation & above



Program Credits

80 credit points

Batch Start Date

July 27, 2024

Key Program Features

Seamlessly blend business management principles with in-depth psychological insights, providing a comprehensive and unique educational experience.
Special emphasis practical application through hands-on projects, case studies, and real-world industry collaborations, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for the challenges of the corporate world.
Learn from seasoned professionals and educators who bring a wealth of industry experience and real-world insights to the classroom, enriching the learning process.
Cultivate essential leadership skills and qualities, including effective communication, decision-making, and team management, with a focus on leveraging psychological principles.
Develop strategic thinking skills to analyze and navigate complex business scenarios, utilizing psychological understanding for informed and effective decision-making.
Meet the evolving needs of the corporate landscape with the skills and knowledge necessary for career advancement and success.
Gain proficiency in psychological profiling, enhancing your ability to understand and navigate human behavior within the organizational context.
Foster an inclusive leadership mindset, promoting diversity and understanding within the workplace for improved team dynamics and innovation.

Key Program Differentiation Adhering To NEP 2020 Guidelines

key differentiation

UGC Recognised

key differentiation

Learn & Earn Opportunity

key differentiation

On The Job Learning

key differentiation

Blended Learning

key differentiation

Placement Opportunity

key differentiation

National Education Policy 2020

key differentiation

ABC (Academic Bank Of Credit)

The Medhavi Edge

Entry and Multiple Exit

With 30% General Education, 70% Skill Training with Skilling
and Industry Partners

Work with Industry and Apprenticeship

Opportunity to Work with Industry during education

Industry as/in Campus

For understanding/practice of Industry from Day-1

Industry and Skill Certifications

Certification from Industry & Professional body

Training by Industry Experts

to enable an environment of Industry Grade

Competency Driven Curriculum

For professional competencies and outcomes

Learning the Professional way

Meta Learning, Problem solving, Life skills, Digital comfort and communication

Learning by doing

Practical & Practice to Do-Experience-Learn

Phygital Learning Ecosystem

For smart and life-long learning in 21st century

Continuous and Outcome – based Assessment

What is done/ learnt every day, is assessed in real time

Traditional Education Vs WISE

Traditional Education

Traditional Curriculum

Theory-Experiment based

Limited Industry Linkage

Industry linkage is limited to industry visit and internship

Work Experience (only) after Education

Due to limited access to practical skills, recognition to entry to
work only possible after education

Higher Education ONLY for Degree

Student randomly opts for degrees with hope to decide

Single Mode of Delivery

Offline/ Face-to-Face


Competency Benchmarked Curriculum

Theory-Application-Practice based

Industry as Partner

In curriculum designing, practical training & certification,
Industry is a partner.

Education with Work Experience

OIT/Apprenticeship exposes to active participation in
industry's processes

Higher Education for Degree AS WELL AS Employability

Along with theory, practical and OIT distribution at
industry support the curriculum requirement for degree

Flexible Mode of Delivery

Face-to-Face Online/ On-site

Program Framework

Our program seamlessly integrates business management principles with psychological theories, ensuring a holistic education that prepares you for the dynamic corporate world. This distinctive program merges the realms of business management and psychology, offering a unique blend that goes beyond traditional business education.
Foundation Core

A range of compulsory basics of multidisciplinary, professional, general nature customised to match the value and vision of MSU for a robust foundation.

  • Foundation in Digital Applications
  • Introduction to Learning and Applications for 21st Century
  • Science and World
  • Introduction to Contemporary Social Problems
  • English and Communication -Essential Skills
  • English and Communication – IELTS Practice
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Literature and Creativity
Skill Drill

A range of professional (skill) electives to opt and practice from diversified disciplines e.g.

  • Creative Writing Skills
  • Content Investigation Skills
  • Spreadsheet and Data Management Skills
  • Digital Application Skills
  • Brand Promotions and Marketing Skills
  • Preventive Healthcare Skills
  • Hospital Duty and Patient Care Skills
  • First Aid Service Skills
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Restaurant Operation Skills
  • Kitchen Operation Skills
  • Learning and Application Skills
  • English and Communication – Essential Skills
  • Tourism Services and Product (Tourism Service Skills)

An independently chosen field of study to learn and be proficient for an entry to the professional workforce.


A choice-based bucket to multiply the career opportunities and growth.

  • Data Analytics
  • Digital Media Communication
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Project Management
Industry Practice

A continuous Industry engagement plan to support the learning across the programme.

  • Industry Experience An Industry-aligned weekly activities like Expert talk from different industries, Industrial site visit.
  • Industry Transition A dedicated engagement with the industry to participate and realise the industry process.
  • Industry Immersion A work-based engagement with the industry as a trainee/apprentice.
Capstone Project

To channelize the programme attributes and outcomes for problem solving and application.

Program Curriculum

240 Sessions 2220

Program Credits




Live Sessions Hours


Project Hours


OJL Hours



  • Business Management – Fundamental Practice
  • Management Accounting
  • Introduction to Business Psychology
  • Individual & Organizational Intelligence
  • Communication Skills for Leaders
  • Project Work
  • OJL
  • Global Business and Cross Cultural Psychology
  • Psychology of Innovation, Creativity & Change
  • Business Environment and Regulations
  • Digital Marketing
  • Psychology Lab  (Emotional Intelligence Assessment)
  • Project Work
  • OJL
  • Business Economics
  • Strategic Workplace Relations
  • Executice Coaching and Mentoring
  • Business Case Studies
  • Psychology Lab (Leadership and Motivation Assessment)
  • Project Work
  • OJL
  • Entrepreneurship Management
  • Marketing Management Concepts and Cases
  • Consulting in Business Psychology
  • Market Research
  • Finance Management
  • Psychology Lab (Cognitive Ability Assessment)
  • OJL
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Earn Esteemed Credentials and Recognition

credential certificate
Degree Specific Certificate

Upon completing UGC-approved programs aligned with NEP 2020 at Counsel India & Medhavi Skills University, receive a prestigious certificate endorsed by the University of Sikkim, India—validating your expertise in your chosen field.

credential certificate
Letter of Recommendation

This globally recognized credential showcases your expertise and commitment in your field.

credential certificate
Certificate of Specialization

Earn distinction with this Certificate of Specialization. Empower your career with expertise, a prized validation in your field.

credential certificate
Program Completion Certificate

This credential signifies your successful completion of our esteemed program, validating your expertise and commitment to personal and professional growth. 



Industry Leading Faculty & Mentors

faculty image
Capt Purba Panchbhai (Retd)


I m an ex Army Officer master in Organic Chemistry batch and have two PG Diplomas of guidance and counseling Read More

faculty image
Shrija Narayan

HR Business Partner

I am a working HR professional with plus years of experience and currently helping people fly high and manifest a Read More

faculty image
Ms. Anukriti Pande

Industrial Psychologist

Anukriti is masters in I O psychology PGDHRM certified in Dialectical behaviour therapy and Happiness Coaching NLP Master Practitioner Pursuing Read More

faculty image
Devender K Saini

Prof. of Practice (Entrepreneurship & Management)

I am an entrepreneur by heart having over years of professional journey marked by founding four enterprises startups and the Read More

Proficiency Pro: On The Job Learning

  • Develop advanced skills in research, statistical analysis, and data interpretation related to organizational behavior. 

  • Understand how to align organizational strategies with human capital for improved performance. 

  • Learn strategies for building and maintaining a positive and productive organizational culture. 

  • Gain expertise in managing and facilitating organizational change. 

  • Contribute to creating and implementing HR policies that align with organizational goals. 

  • Increase your appeal to employers seeking professionals with expertise in understanding and managing human behavior in the workplace.

Mentorship: Guided by Experts

  • Counsel India has mentored over 250,000 students to achieve a remarkable 96% success rate – a testament to our commitment to your academic excellence and future success.  

  • Counsel India's mentors hold varied expertise in social sciences and management. Our mentors are adept at orchestrating engaging workshops and presenting insightful research papers at esteemed conferences, ensuring a rich and dynamic learning experience.  

  • Our exclusive personalized mentorship is tailored to meet your unique personality, attitude, and aptitude. Our approach integrates cutting-edge psychometric tools to ensure a transformative and customized experience, guiding you towards unparalleled success.  

  • Experience the lasting support that goes beyond the classroom. Counsel India offers lifetime mentorship to its students. Once an alumnus, always a member of Counsel India.

Get Your Dream Job: Career Support

  • A unique blend of business and psychology courses designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of human behavior in organizational settings.
  • Suitable credit framework and distribution of theory & practical supports the curriculum requirement for Degree, while practical & OJL at and by the industry partner assures employability.  
  • Learn and Earn model where the stipend received by the student from the industry/organization during on job training/apprenticeship becomes an additional incentive.  
  • Opportunities to engage in research projects and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in business psychology through partnerships with research institutions and industry organizations.
  • Student trainees get an opportunity for active participation in service or production related professional activities complying with the organizational culture.  
  •  Optional specialization tracks or concentrations in areas such as leadership development, consumer behavior, organizational psychology, or entrepreneurship, allowing students to tailor their education to their specific interests and career goals.

Who All Can Join This Program?


Aspiring Business Leaders


Human Resources Professionals


Mid-Career Professionals


Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners


Psychology Graduates


Marketing and Sales Professionals


Corporate Trainers


Consultants and Coaches


Government and Nonprofit Leaders


Individuals Seeking Career Change

Invest in Your Future

*Learn With No Cost Easy EMI Plans. EMI Options starting at Rs. 14,000

Total Program Fee - INR 317,000 (Incl. Reg. Fee, Exam Fee, Course Fee)

EMI Partners


One Time Payment Option

Payable Program Fee - INR 317,000 (Discount 10%) INR 286,500 (Incl. Reg. Fee, Exam Fee, Course Fee)

*Terms and conditions applied as per the financial partners.

Scholarship upto 35%

For details -Download scholarship Scheme

Refer someone and Earn upto INR 12,000 Cashback/Vouchers, on every successful enrollment

Your friend also gets an instant scholarship!

Success Stories

Counsel India helped with my growth and progress. It enhanced my knowledge and also it was helpful along with my Post Graduation. I was been cherished because of the knowledge i had through the course.
Shivani Kumari


The instructors were not just teachers; they were true mentors. Their deep passion for psychology was evident in every lecture, making complex theories and concepts accessible and engrossing, so I would highly recommend this course to everyone.
Anushka Ghosh


I recently had the privilege of enrolling in this psychology Course that left me utterly impressed and profoundly enriched. This course was nothing short of exceptional, and I would like to share my glowing review to encourage others to embark on this enlightening journey.
Muskan Maan


I started helping my own kids, I understand them in better way.
Riya Raizada


Counsel india has changed my entire level of thinking and living as thank you sooo much for being all time supportive team
Sachin Soni


I have done the child psychology course under council india. Very good and well efficient organization. Short time course but very helpful. I will try to join another course in future
Anyasa saha


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Frequently Asked Questions

While a traditional MBA focuses on general business administration, an MBA in Entrepreneurial Psychology places a specific emphasis on the psychological aspects of entrepreneurship, such as decision-making under uncertainty, risk-taking behavior, and managing creativity and innovation.

No, prior experience in entrepreneurship is not usually required. However, a passion for entrepreneurship and a willingness to learn about the psychological aspects of starting and growing a business are essential. 


The program's duration varies but typically ranges from 1.5 to 2 years for full-time students. Part-time and online programs may offer flexible completion timelines to accommodate working professionals.

Yes, our program follows a stackable system of education, allowing students to earn credits that may be transferable to other academic programs or institutions. This flexibility enables students to build upon their existing qualifications and pursue further education or specialization in Life Coaching.

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